In America ?  (frugal austerity)

So many topics of discussion, where to begin... this is a scientific research/investigative/conditional (forensic) reporter-writers heaven, like dropping a Danish pastry on an anthill.

It upends empirical thinkings and forces the application of old experience to new circumstances, and scientific process.  

For me, this entire COVID19 plague is a unique experience that scrambles using the past to analyze with... the rules have all changed, there is not much precedent to evaluate upon.   I am numbed into contradictory thought, and forced to actually reopen that cobwebby door to the laboratory in my brain.

This is a historic and monumental time for every discipline of mankind, it has extenuations to every aspect of human presence on the planet, the more you analyze the further you wander from "why" you are analyzing... it is a sirens song that forces you off-course and into tedium (not ... what you were concentrating on).

Staying on subject, is difficult with the vastness of this opportunity, and can be seen all around us in media, those of us who report or posit must realize our reach... our influence, our responsibility to those who read us.

Opinions are cheap, and require no credentials, as I read through (possibly) hundreds of documents daily coming in from all over, it is astounding, no unbelievable... the bilge, lies, mis-direction, and planned 1/2 truths being released to an unsuspecting and unknowing public.

I believe these next four months are going to be an evolution, and full of fiction novel things turned real, I personally am coming up for air on 1 August, and looking at May as the peak of anxiety month, so, put on your helmet, tighten the chest harness, and hope the G forces don't stop your heart, because we are in for a very peculiar ride into some Flash Gordon movie script. 

I have spoken many times about experts, and the "list", so I would remind everyone about that Doctor, Airline Pilot, Engineer, Cleric, epidemiologist  (etc;) and where they are in that U.S. Governmental list of "experts in their field"...   fifth ? or 34,000th ? before you value their opinion/commentary.

Financial "loss" is going to be a reorganizer of much, and the social interface results will not return as we knew them, which will impact "lifestyles" ... so "Change' will be the big dynamic COVID19 brings (adaptation and thinking required).

We here aboard So...fea are going to keep this website active, and offer up (share) some of our inputs, information, and thoughts from others,  so feel free to criticize, challenge, and share comments... yesterday was vernal equinox and California Issued a shelter-in-place lockdown order for 40 million people ... 

This week-end we should see more state/city lockdowns become mandatory (opinion), so, GO SHOPPING !

In our opinion this is both touch and air transmitted, so think about a sneeze/cough being like spraying air wick, it coats everything it falls on, or is breathed into, or touched, the virus lives at 70 degrees on clothing for 2+ hours, on cardboard/paper for 24 hours, and on other hard surfaces for longer... BE CAREFUL  clean your purchased products, and especially open air stuff like veggies, and think about that bread and take out food --- and 'who" prepared it !! (coughing).

Busses put the route number on the back marquis so you can confirm the bus leaving (that you just missed) was the one you wanted.