21 MARCH, 2020 - DAY 21 OF COVID19 OREGON - U.S. DAY 50

Is the economic damage becoming worse than the virus itself? 

Which is the opposite of "Back to the Future",  instead of a DeLorean lets return with Flash Gordon.

OBSERVATION:  Sitting for at least six hours a day in the same dock-end isolated space for over three years now, with a panorama-view of the entire harbor ...  I see things:   Having actually traveled outside of Oregon ... I know things:   Having worked in third-world disease-earthquake-civil war-guerilla managed-poverty countries...  I recognize things:   Having been exposed to large inner-city, Sea Ports and Industrial areas...  I am street-smart: 

Being exposed to (and constantly vaccinated for:) Cholera, Dengue, Malaria, Yellow fever, Hepatitis,  Typhoid, Polio, MMR, DPT, Influenza, Pneumonia, Chicken Pox, and carrying an Einephren kit,  a snake bite kit, along with large bottles of Amoxicillin, Aspirin, and Iodine...  I am aware:

With some Military training ... I am Observant and Cautious.: With some Education ... I am knowledgeable:    And, resultant from all of the above ... I am old:

So, knowing what is happening globally, and sitting here daily watching the world pass, I have the ability to ricochet through earlier experiences, and evaluate, comment and lament.

Our overpopulated planet has around 150 different Nation-alities spread between it's poles, in 2020 each of these is filled with hyphenated-identities and dichotomies, male-female, Young-Old,  Intelligent-Challenged, Healthy-Sickly, Wealthy-Poor, Educated-Illiterate, Moral-Immoral, the list goes on a lot further, but, within the list are the all-important Political and Religion categories. 

It has been my experience these two are the drivers and triggers of all mankind, I will skip my usual "examples" blather and get to the core, political and religious dogma drives the human beast, but, this website only needs to be concerned with the "North America" of the United States (not Canada/Mexico).
In this beautiful weather, I have been out on the upper decks un-wintering, and then down below writing, but, have not been off the boat for ten days now... our last shopping excursion was on day 11 of the Oregon plague, and we have now honed our delivery system to pretty much not have to go onto the dock or ashore but once a month.

Apparently, our (an'ya and my) low-level knowledge, understanding and experience with Biotoxins... especially mycotoxins (made by fungi),  but, zootoxins (made by animals) and phytotoxins (made by plants) as well... so, our knowledge about the "procedures" for fighting Bacteria, have also allowed us to understand (somewhat) Virus as well... all three of these evils are similar in scariness, invasiveness, and eradication.

After Oakridge and our Black mold, Fungi wars, we thought we would only have bacteria to contend with here on So...fea  ... enter the Virus !!  Our Ultra Violet nm light knowledge from the fungus/mold days are a big help when added to our bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Vinegar arsenal and we feel in control.

What makes us "NOT" feel in control is people watching...  and our talking (at a great distance and online) to locals, dock walkers and the activity at Novelli's Crab restaurant across the harbor here in Florence.

Yesterday, the parking lot was full, the number of visitors to Novelli's was normal (150 or so), as was the volume of crabbers and dock walkers, Novelli's wired the gate open until 2030, and reopened at 0930 today (she has reached her 150 person average at 12 Noon !!), so, there are far more people down on the waterfront than usual.  

Seemingly, there is absolutely no knowledge, precaution or concern about a Virus... Whatsoever !
As I post this at 1300, there are 43 people on the dock. "It is critical that individuals and organizations take action to slow the spread of coronavirus and follow the guidance and recommendations from health care professionals."

The local politics say this is a "fake Virus" and nothing to worry about,  but, our local "retirement" age concentration of seniors may disagree...