31 MARCH, 2020 - LET'S TAKE A TRIP... (double left click to open)

Watching the analytics, I am aware of you speed readers who view these long involved posts in less than 30 seconds before clicking out... but, I persist, here is another: 

   I have been heavily referencing that 1950's U.S. Army Training film on Bacteria and Viruses, yesterday, I got really angry at the release of an astounding "NEW" finding...that, "the COVID19 virus is airborne !!!!!!".

I raged on to the wife about how stupid this all is (to waste College educations on idiots), or trust the CDC with our lives, and I popped a brain cell ... only to remember about an update to my 1952 movie virus knowledge ... the 1980's building of a NASA bio safe "cleanroom"... So, I poked around and found my old notes about the experience.

We dedicated a warehouse to this project, and everyone involved had to attend training on what, how, why a cleanroom.  In short, anything that leaves our atmosphere must be sterile... absolutely free of microbes, molecules, electro-magnetism and particulates. 

The microbial (germ/virus) component is all I will address here, (as it was circa 1982-3):  Both, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air filters) and Electro Static charged ion filtration of air were our forte', and in the early 1980's we had it down to 0.2 micron levels.

In street language for us normal people, a micron is a  nickname for a "micro meter", or a millionth of a European meter (1/1,000,000 meter) a scientific sizing standard. 

A human hair averages around 0.0035 inches in diameter, which is equivalent to 75 microns, Bacteria typically are only about 0.2-0.microns in diameter, but, viruses are 100 times smaller than bacteria.... Corona viruses are the smallest of all the viruses at only 0.004 micron size.

What all of that tells you is that we "can" use HEPA to filter out most Bacteria (and "some" Viruses), but "NOT" Corona.
Those N95 face masks filter out 95% of all particulates 0.30 microns and larger ...  but a face mask certainly does not filter out Corona virus at 0.004.

The "Clean Room" Air system controlled humidity, airborne contaminants, germicidal and VOC (Volatile Organic compounds), VOG (Volatile Organic Gasses), by using HEPA and carbon filters plus our well-known ionizer air system, and a Ph air oxygen/nitrogen/hydrogen percentile balancer, along with heating cooling temperature and pressurization controls.

155nm wave length ultra-violet virus killing lights and a microbial mist scrubber were used for the tiny stuff. The classes on Microbials were concerned with aerosol and contact contamination being recycled, so, mandatory pressurized suiting was in order which included an OBA with tank air and mask. There were vacuum ageing rooms used for finished products to be timed and black light irradiated, stored, then super-heated nitrogen blasted clean to ensure viruses were removed.

A lot of lab testing was done, and we learned a lot about catching and killing viruses, and how persistent and evasive they are. Including what happens in a car dealership, or hardware store, hospital or supermarket with air filtration.

For us to be pretending we knew none of this, and that we are "shocked" to learn about how viruses infect, is ludicrous.
We should be very taken by this entire process, and asking questions, to who I don't know, but, that might be a good way to get my mind off the virus... look at corruption experts, and politics.