28 march, 2020 - NO CURE FOR IGNORANCE

I had planned on yesterday being the last WARNING post on COVID19, ... over the past 21 posts I thought I had covered it all, and repeated myself enough, then, at this late, date articles like this hit on the Fox news  https://www.foxnews.com/tech/sanitizing-amazon-boxes-taking-uber-and-getting-food-properly-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic  and, I wonder how many of our readers say "boy! that's new news" because they have not followed along here for the last days on mvsofea.com

The next "new" stuff to be released will be, again, very old "known" facts that the CDC is slowly leaking out (to avert panic while infecting thousands), again, we have discussed these topics earlier on here, contamination in clothing, upholstery, etc, and wet-eyeball contagion.

Ever wonder why at the doctor's office and hospital, everyone is wearing blue paper booties, trousers, and tops, a surgical mask, a hair cap, gloves and usually glasses? 

These poor people have chosen to expose themselves to possibly hundreds of sick, dying, filthy patients during a 10 hour (+) shift, every day... at the end of that shift, they literally "burn" their clothes, go home (or to the locker room) shower and hope that the protective clothing prevented 90 % of their chances of being exposed to something lethal.

The reason "WHY" is that clothing absorbs virus and bacteria... and the eyeball is the number one ingestion point for all of it, a wet eyeball is by far the best receptor for aerosol stuff...  like viruses, liquid absorbed by liquid ...  virus/bacteria on hands, face, and clothing can be washed away, killed, but eye ingestion is instant, and cannot be undone, hence, the number ONE transmission route into the human body "is" the eye... that's why all the handwashing warnings and do not touch your face.   making eye protection far more important than the breathing-in or on-your-hands worries.

The cloth/fabric contamination goes into the laundry basket, spreading to everything... burning your days' blue paper suit works better. never rub your eyes... do you know why?

The booty thing is about tracking in virus/bacteria on shoe soles, then to spread everywhere... and be picked up by toddlers, bare feet and stockings...a no-shoe household policy like in third world countries (Japan, Asia, Near East) was not created just for muddy boots...

recirculated air in stores, and our water supply... veined, soft-skinned water-absorbing fruits and vegetables that we do not cook... and of course money.... and someone else's pet... again........take-out food is alarmingly scary, and the discussion about this being the first "warning" wave only...with the "BIG one" coming in December, has been covered up completely.

Wait a week or so, and the CDC will announce all of this too... they just have to pretend to "learn" about these things, or watch an old WW2 Army Training film.  Please, reread and study about how this virus is spread, and why it is spreading...... the Virus can be cured, but there is no cure for ignorance.

The European Union initially dismissed the threat of the Wuhan virus in late 25 February when Italy had just a few hundred cases, and refused to enact border controls. 
30 days later, as of 25 March, 2020, the number of cases in Italy has increased to over 80,000 and a death toll, now at over 8,000.