simple, routine tasks like getting gas for your car, going to the grocery store are now matters of public health that potentially put yourself at risk of exposure, SO, it is time to start paying attention.


Normally we field perhaps 75 emails a day here, and another 50 or so that go straight to spam, the past four days are seeing four times that number... and I am overwhelmed, unable to keep up (plus  respond-live in this atmosphere of contagion).  I am so choked up with articles that I have written, I simply am paralyzed... the WWW is publishing as fast as I think of things, making "my" posts moot.

Life aboard So...fea is not in many ways any different than living ashore when it comes to the supply chain (we eat the same and shop at the same stores as "normal" people), but the logistics of schlepping stuff down a ramp, across a dock, onto a boat,  and stowage is different than backing up to the porch in a house, so we shop twice a month.

Just as COVID19 has impacted our email/text volume, so has it impacted our supply chain.

All of this is now up for rethinking and redesigning, and, like many other aspects of our life, these changes will create"before the virus"  and  "after the virus" scenarios of how things are done.
   We have used Amazon, Wal-Mart, Rock Auto, and various OEM suppliers factory-direct online ordering for years now, only our food consumables building supplies, were sourced locally (correction: "have been" sourced locally), we just began Safeway and Fred Meyer InstaCart home delivery.

COVID19 has triggered a societal change that will be irreversible, I believe it will be as big a dynamic as the advent of the computer.   All across America and Canada, we are following what has also begun in Europe, Australia, and India... it is a rethinking of what "community' is, or should be.

COVID19 will become a scapegoat for many changes that all of us have only thought about...

Globally there are actions to move K-12 schooling and many University offerings to online video classes, and this WFH (work from home) dictate that business and countries have temporarily ordered I believe will become a norm (like the schooling).

Add-in the online grocery ordering and home delivery to Amazon, Wal-Mart, Rock Auto, Lowes and
even Goodwill.com and you have an "online" society built that creates many problems !
It begins at the Brick and Mortar and Mall stores, no school clothes, shoes, or supplies needed, no business suits, dresses, or beauty parlor services needed, no (or little) office supplies, the "promo" sales at the supermarket do not work any longer, and the deli suffers, right along with the "choose your own Steak/Roast meat department loss. (and the impulse buy), the distrust of food prep being sanitary kills off the veggie section and the in-house bakery along with the deli and Pizza selections.

All of those empty offices and storefronts create a property management nightmare, and real estates are stuck.  excess restaurant tables and chairs, desks, and office equipment are in over abundance and worthless.  the home electronics business multiplies tenfold, along with other stay-at-home accouterments (like BBQ's),  personal toys like ATV, boat, etc sales go up, but arena and bleacher filled events like races, field sports and concerts suffer immensely.

The "before the virus"  and  "after the virus" world.