The first of April will be a benchmark (as will the first of May).

In Oregon, the "start" of reality will begin over this upcoming weekend, after a full month of COVID19 appearing-installing-impacting and sinking in, the monthly household bills, the unavailable products, the slowdown, and the confirmation from friends, relatives, the new and at work (if you even still "have" a job) water cooler rumors, will make everything become "real" (for the first time).

And, if you have an infected relative/friend/co-worker it will be made "very" real.  The denying, not knowing, and flippant attitudes will all be gone come 1 April.

Jungian theory and Alcoholics Anonymus agree that "Acknowledging that you have a problem is step one in solving it",  but, there is more to that step one edict...  "and acknowledge that it is a life-threatening problem over which you are powerless".

DISASTER: " a sudden calamitous event bringing great damage, loss of life or destruction such as an accident or a natural catastrophe, or any an event or fact that has unfortunate consequences".

With the Oregon Governor's edict of stay-at-home and the closures, by the first of April, this will all begin to be real, and the panic, anger, depression, looting, OD'ing and violence will start to form.

The financial disaster that is imminent will be a driver of much, in an earlier post I alluded to looking at this from the bottom up (rather than like in the media), there are many categories of working man, but, I am mostly familiar with, and watching Maritime.

 In this mornings incoming were 50 or so advisals about commercial fishing... I began to list them here but saw a trend.

Fishing boats are finding landing prices in the basement, or, simply no place to unload at because no one wants their product.  processors freezers are full, and they have laid-off workers, transporters and delivery drivers are sitting at home, restaurants are giving away inventory as they close, online food ordering for seafood is too expensive, fresh fish markets are closed worldwide, fast food seafood orders are at 50% (10,000 UK fish and chips shops have been closed, McDonald's, Burger King are overstocked), and there is more (but you get the drift).

No matter what industry you are in Automotive, Retail, Real Estate, etc; the process is similar... the fishing boats sell-off at junk prices pay (and lay off) their crew, beg for time on their fuel bill, and lock it down, the industry is on hold... the over all shut down from "stay-at-home" is devastating.

Most of the world shops daily (unlike Americans), so the sudden overloading of the online food industry has become a joke, none of this will come to a fully realized boil until mid-month April, and the peak of the virus will not be here until sometime in May !

We have been exposed to a few disasters and revolts (out of this country), and learned a little about what to expect from primitive thinkers, and food-money-job shortages driving the home-bound mob to the burning windmill, 

watch for it at a looting near you, after all "anything" can be traded for food (whether you own it or not) in a "Stay-at-home" empty street community, and store with empty shelves, and no job or money.

Whenever we exit out the other end of this tunnel (on my Birthday in August), things are going to be very different and changed forever, but for now, be cautious.