1 MARCH, 2020 - VIRUS !!!


You are not authorized to view this  -”unless”- you have seen at least 50% of the movies listed below …

As an experienced 10-14 year-old, Gilbert Chemistry Set expert and researcher from the 1950’s…. 
I am  aghast at the misinformation and “wrong” - ”dangerous”  certain-death appeasement instructions being given us back in the 1960s, and still today… every time I see/hear an Ebola or SARS type pandemic movie or newscast with “Expert” people dancing around in their white HazMat suits, I am transported back to the dis-information and “soothe their minds” diatribe the “EXPERTS” put out about Nuclear, Chemical and Germ Warfare in the 1960s.

Going back more years than my readers, to the early 1960’s (in the last Century), I find myself aboard a Navy ship doing Training Drills for Nuclear Attack, Chemical Warfare, Major Conflagration, Concussion bombs, and good old War.

These were those dressed dummies strewn everywhere and smoke-flare drills with insanely loud rock music playing for effect, the scenario was always supposed to be a ship at sea attacked by Russians, the Chemical Alert/Nuclear Alert/Battle Stations sirens go off, and we are run through what happens, and how to survive for the next two hours by these (sent in special from the Pentagon) white detox suited observers running around to “teach” us about survival methods, and wash down.

Now, this same group is reappearing to “teach-train & inform” us about surviving the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) in online and media propaganda and disinformation, they are not sure that we all have triple-digit IQ scores or know how to read, so they keep things basic, and try to work around our assumed illogic.

Any time you deal with an invisible… be it radioactivity, germs, mold, a mist or a virus… finger prints, coughed or talking spray, breathing, footprints, clothing fibres, dust, “all” of the interior contents of rooms, stores, automobiles and our homes become fully adulterated and contaminated with traces of the invisible. 

Virus is equal to radiation, or Sarin gas, and far worse than mold, oil, or anything a black light can help you with by your seeing it, you cannot break the chain, as you take off your breathing mask you touch your face, your hair and beard were acting like a magnetic sponge for anything airborne... and so were your clothes, when you remove your gloves you brush your hair back and you are now as if you never wore the gloves, you drive home and your vehicle seats are now infested, Viruses, germs, mold, and radiation are on our shoe soles, in our clothes, our money, credit cards, eyeglasses, the canned goods, the paper bags, the shopping cart, the steering wheel… everywhere.

The silly futility is there ... all of the grocery store product was picked by ?, canned, transported, and shipped in from ?, then put on the store shelf by ?… it sat on store shelves being coughed on, then it contaminated your hand when you put it in in your contaminated cart, you contaminated your clothes when you brushed against that cooler, while punching your code into a contaminated card reader, all this time you were breathing contaminated air, had your products handled again to scan then bag, then contaminated your car when you loaded it all in, carried it home put it on shelves and in the refrigerator to have the blower infect everything.

Whether you use a Geiger counter, a black light, or a spray bottle of Clorox… there is no true isolation or averting contact, and transfer … even using HazMat suits… that need separate breathing air sources, assuring 100% zero skin exposure to the atmosphere, almost has no way to neutralize then &  disrobe without ever touching the suit, followed by a full shower, neutralization is just 80% safe. 

Now for one of my stories … 
“Out in the real world there is a need for pure Oxygen gas, we bottle it and use it for cutting torches, breathing (hospitals and Pilots), in Laboratories and chemical processes.  It is a simple method of taking the air we breathe, freezing it, then (splitting it up) into pure Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Argon which is then “bottled”... but, the Oxygen is dangerous if it ever comes in contact with a hydrocarbon (oil), and the personnel, machinery and plant must be beyond clean (and free of even fingerprint oil).

We would go through a crazy black light inspection, then cleaning and protecting everything… wearing protective clothing, booties and gloves while looking for any traces of oil that would be a potentially disastrous explosion hazard.

I was at a very large Linde Oxygen plant when a power failure required me to plug in the black light by extension cord to a distant wall receptacle, walking back to the compressor flat, with the light “ON”, I was amazed at seeing all of the oils everywhere in this supposed clean room atmosphere, hand rails, stair treads, light switches, tools, and even the upstairs Pop machine and its  cans, clothes hanging on racks, magazines on the table, door jambs, and all over the stainless Oxygen tanks on the loading dock.”

The contamination trail simply cannot be broken.

But, not to worry, take a break… watch another movie from the list.