MOVING ABOARD !!! - POST # 53 (24 OCT)

VAN AND A HALF INTO ONE > > >0500 24 October, Oakridge the final load, drove over the "welcome to Oakridge" border at 0900 right to the minute. this was one of those impossible load jobs, where you unpack the boxes (too much dead space) because when the van was full . . . you still had five tupperware tubs and a rubber wheeled dolly to load, so, you unload it all discard the boxes and fill any available opening with something that fits !

We "drove' the dolly into place with our shoulders, and had to borrow the neighbor to help push the hatch enough to latch ! 12  noon we arrived at the boat, we began unloading (its the 29th today, and I just jumped back in here to report.... we finally got the van emptied today !).