DAY 7 ABOARD - POST # 58 - (30 OCT)

Got caught up enough to fill the water tanks, make a quick on-deck tour to clean out scuppers and limber holes, clean out the deck box, cobble up a farmer-like cover for the flying bridge console, and got that rear hatch door planed down(should have been saw-cut 1/8" ! then got a real hatch hasp and deadbolt finally installed... got the roku working, both main computers back up, a flu shot, laundry done (another 20 dollar bill !), the floor flops measured for picking up the vinyl, cutting it there at the dealer, and doing a Eugene run tomorrow.

The Yugo got hauled away to Michigan today, and perhaps the house sale will close this week !

Ever growing list of maintenance going on here, finding out all of the neglect that I missed earlier, small, but many Almost every system is needing to be reviewed for wiring, hose connection, and operation.... what's a fuse daddy ?