We just had our Lane County Oregon Voters Registrations returned to us as "INVALIDATED" because we changed our address on our Driver Licenses from the "house" we just sold, to So fea's mailing "drop box" address, which is unrecognized and dis-allowed by law as valid.

The harbor is very explicit that they do not want to receive "your" mail . . . "Do not use the Harbor address as your residence or business address, or for USPS, UPS, FED-EX, or other mail."  And, you can understand why . . .envision touring/cruising boats from around the world stopping in for a week, then to never-and why . . . ever return whilst the mail to them just keeps coming to the harbor office.

Cruisers and world travelers have always use drop box services, they hold, then forward your mail to any port-of-call you visit when the next drop box requests it, they assure contact, legal serving, and package receiving.

St Brendans Isle, UPS Mail stores, and many more forwarding companies serve the military, boat cruisers, world travelers, construction workers and consultants, military, merchant and fishing sailors by screening and forwarding their mail (their mail scan pro services instantly open and email you all important mail and scrap the rest), and the addresses become the legal entity that establishes or retains your citizenship, nationality and residency at home in the USA, while you are out-of-country..

So, I had to think about "how" a wealthy, elitist, conforming American politician would think.... and what do the homeless do ? what do movie stars do?  remember, voting registration is a matter of public record,  BUT, you "can" be a homeless voter, or a person who wishes for confidentiality, or what they call a non-conforming residence voter.      "{a non-conforming resident}". . . read my earlier posts.

"Voters must provide a residence address and have a mailing address on the voter registration form, but this address may be any definable location in the county that describes their physical location. This could be a shelter, park, motor home, bridge, boat, or other identifiable location. The mailing address of a person who is homeless or who resides where mail service is unavailable can be the office of the county clerk or, a voter can register and vote while maintaining their privacy. To maintain privacy, complete an exemption form: ie;  "Application to Exempt Residence Address from Disclosure"​, or, Application to be a non-conforming Resident".

If you live on a boat, in an RV, your car, tent, refrigerator shipping box, or in an alley you are a non-conforming resident, however,  people in prison, on parole and on probation cannot vote, nor can people with felony convictions until completion of their sentence.

So, like when you register your gun, file for a social security number, a drivers license, a non-conforming residency, or non-public disclosure with Uncle Sam, you go on a list, and  join a file folder of others like you.... gun carry permits, pilot's license, USCG registered Boat Captain, 
Passport, they all put you on a Homeland Security List.