Somewhere back in the last of the 60's (around 1969) . . . we bought our first house, a Ohio farmhouse on 30 acres, it was single storey, 1200 square foot-conventional-and fully carpeted (including kitchen/bath).

It all began with the kitchen, and an obvious earlier stew-drop of some sort, leaving a stained floor. Never having personally seen carpeting in a kitchen before, and knowing that most certainly there was Linoleum underneath (cleanable), I ripped out the carpet and tack strips.

That experience, and observation sickened me, turned me against carpet, and gave me a disrespect for anyone I would ever meet in the future that "had" carpet and lived with carpet. I would spend the rest of my life asking during an introduction & handshake "do you have carpet in your house?"

This is the sort of knowledge that breaks up families, destroys life as you know it, and is simply not acknowledged or ever admitted to by even "educated" people . . . that carpet removal ruined my life, made it so that I could never respect the majority-commoner (carpet user) ever again.

I learned in that house how to lay vinyl sheet goods, and later installed vinyl in many many boats, homes, RV's, ships and businesses as a Professional, (and removed carpet, showing owners the filth they live with).

As disgusting and germ-infestedly unhealthy as carpet  is . . . even after showing the owner, they almost unanimously (cretinly) choose to reinstall carpet (chalking their name off my lifetime contact/association list).