A pretty calm night, a super heavy intense 45 minute driving rain storm (cannot see the railings type) threw sleet/rain non-stop, then it was the usual drizzle all night long, no leaks(after the dum-dum repairs).

Bonnie has a problem of not being in her yard (to crap or pee) no where else will do ! the long walks up the dock to grass (not in her yard)' does not work . . . use the fantail astro-turf ? (I don't think so), she will learn, but it is a problem.

The cats continue to be the absolute surprise of it all . . . we determined the openess-the glass area-the view is the difference.... the ferals have been out full-time !

Noon today until 0400 tomorrow is the visitation of Typhoon  Songda, so, we will be seeing alot of ugly.

7PM update: The storm fizzled (unless it comes in later tonight) calm, warm, clear.

Ripped out all of the carpet/pad/nail strips  and pulled 563,000 staples , pretty stinky, lots of dog pee and evidence of high water areas (black/moldy/dry rotted tack strips and vinyl foam padding turned to powder (or liquified like some sort of floor fill) we disinfected and aired and the boat smells a lot , no A LOT better ! and at least we now kno a lot more in depth history on the deck condition.

Started hacking on the sofa set up and the captains chair removal, even got the plan laid for the v bunk and front head area modifications. have a van overloaded with removed stripped stuff taken out, and will spend the day tomorrow finishing the familiarity tour of the sanitary and fresh water systems in the engine room.

Appraiser was out to the house today with Pat Harmon, and we now hope all went well there ! sold the Yugo on eBay to a guy in Michigan only have one more small project to finish on the house, and we are coming back here again  (Thursday AM?) this time probably for good.