An unexpected surprise coming to Salmon Harbor (Winchester Bay) is the prices . . . the same as if you were on a Caribbean island, breakfast for two in a mediocre diner $25.00, we already talked about the laundry and pizza prices, but "everything else is in sync as well.

Another plus we learned about here is that neither Reedsport, Winchester Bay, or Florence (although all are on the coast with many commercial and yacht type boats) have "anything" marine available . . . . anything!

So, it is off to Charleston Harbor for "anything".  We were forced to drive down when the shore power cable fried, Englund Marine has a huge well equipped store there much lesser priced than WestMarine, we toured the harbor area... what a giant return and buildup since my previous 1970's memories of this dead place. Pacific Seafoods rebuilt the old cannery, and it is huge, the University marine center is expanded, the restaurants and shops are back, there were 800 or so boats in harbor, the Oyster farms are cranking, only the original Charlie Tuna statue reminds you of the "old" harbor... all new bridges and roads, Wow !