Monumental day, huge van-load of boat removed (stuff); $20.00 dump run).

Big things happening first thing tomorrow, going back to Oakridge for a four day final. !!!

Having (temporarily) two homes is a bitch, we just "reloaded" the van with almost as much going, as we had coming. In nearby Reedsport Oregon, we met our first $19.00 washing machine and our first $6.00 dryer . . . unbelievable ! which matched our  first $21.00 medium two-topping pizza last night.

So fea is at the end of a 300 foot long dock, in Winchester Bay's Salmon Harbor, these are docks like you see in old British pirated movies . . . built out of aged rough-sawn timbers and decked in 3" by 12" green moldy, algae covered (trip-over) warped boards, the dock almost fallsi into the water in a few tilty places.... But, a unobstructed beautiful view of the entire Windy Cove and Salmon commercial harbor, not in a "marina", with only four boats on this dock.. and "LOTS" of wild life and birds.