Up at 0500 to load ? (pack full) the van, and the kitties to head for a four day stay on the boat . . . out of necessity, three large storms moving through, in the next four days, one of them a typhoon on Saturday.

Pouring  down rain, non stop, blustery, soak-to-the-bone weather, seven dolly trips van-to-boat, including the 5 cats in kennels, everyone was drenched ! wind was nasty, rocked us all night, found two leaks and are still learning the systems . . . no electric for microwave at the stove outlets, no water in faucets yet, and very high condensation from everything wet (especially from the carpet) called my vinyl company and ordered vinyl and hatch trim to replace this stuff !

Added some tie-downs, and found the flying bridge wire run console leaks into the salon ... will fix tomorrow, reefer on.... need a storm line amidships, and, some food aboard.

Day one, you know those electric boot dryers you always thought were for loggers ?  wrong ! they are for boat dwellers.

Your Oregon "mudroom", you know, where you hang your rain gear, wet clothes and put the boot warmer ? You don't have one on a small 40 foot boat !  why, that wall rack of coat hooks cannot even be mounted anywhere !

Of course, there is a design intent/logic that has to be reckoned with when you live aboard vs. cruise vs. part-time as a weekender,
remember, there is only 325 square feet of habitation space available. And the designer sold the boat as a "yacht", not a liveaboard.

Carpet holds moisture . . . carpet padding soaks it up and holds it, all commercial boats, navy ships, tugs, and "real" cruise boats are not a 2,500 sq. foot home ashore, so, they only have hard surface floors (to eliminate dampness, mildew, toxic molds and smells), "not" carpet.

Space and its functional useage is valuable when you only have 325 sq. ft. available to start with . . . and the liveaboard logic is oh-so-different than that of the the home owning weekender "yachtsman".  So, having "two" showers, toilets, sinks, showers, bedrooms sure makes one wonder.... the same designer that did this . . . gave you a galley only suitable for entertaining no more than four (and barely designed for two)?  sleep six, feed 1 1/2 ?

We looked at 48 years of marriage and how many times we ever had anyone sleep over .. . twice !... d'ya think we need a spare bedroom/full bath ?  

all of this on day one.