The last of the landlubber attachments . . . the Liberty Theater chairs.

During my time boat-working, I have moved some "oddities" on and off board yachts, boats and ships, many of these items were peculiar, hard to handle, one-off/one-time experiences that you add into your repertiore' of abilities . . . but, like the African safari movie showing the black bearers transporting a claw foot bathtub through the dense jungle for the British mistress of the hunter, then later in the 100 bearer line of toter/schleppers a full sized Grand Piano ! this is "us" doing the schlepping. and a set of theatre chairs "is" a grand piano.

We got it aboard, thank God the harbor has no dock cameras, and the adjacent boats were unmanned.
   Then, there was this morning . . . and my arthritis in cold, wet from rain, lift-Liberty chairs shoulders and knees, and back.
So fea has a boat crane-hoist for lifting aboard rigged boxes, live animals, engines, etc . . . but, Liberty chairs not so much, use the bearers, (bearer, singular), he's white, old, and not as strong as he used to be.

So, as of Friday, 28 October, we are where we thought we would be on the 25th.

The work-list (Ships Plan of the Day), is now two index cards long, not one, and growing. Somehow I just wish living this colorful, enviable, cool, care free lifestyle (that's tourists talk) wasn't so difficult.

The cats are at full bloom here, making us sorry that we ever subjected/deprived them of this before, Bonnie has her sea legs now, and knows the routine, (the animals are doing better than we are).