DAY TWO - POST # 47 (14 OCT)

Day two began with 65 degrees, blustery, dry, and a warm mirror-flat harbor, spent some time retying the boat for the "big" storm, used some "dum-dum" on the leaking bridge wire penetrations, and secured the topside life ring that rattled all night long noisely, found the drain line from the generator hatch coming lying in the bilge(which explains the over full bilge).

Fired off the refrigerator, but, never got to the water system today, but removed some more carpet, and padding ! some pretty nasty stuff,  . . . the padding has been so wet and impacted with dirt that it is kike pancake  batter dried and stuck to the plywood, most of the tack strips were dry rotted, and fell off the floor, pretty nasty smelling, glad it is gone. ordered the vinyl and hatch cover metal yesterday (a week away), so, will continue stripping out carpet /pad/nail strips while we wait.

 Lots of thought coming from both of us on adding/removing things to convert from yacht to liveaboard, after doing/redoing as many boats as we have, this is all simply going great, and without any surprises.  

Surprised to find no habitation - vents in the main cabin overhead to eliminate condensation !  Tolly missed that one, pretty straight forward to install two 4" goose necks under the control cabinate topside and add vent fans for exhaust, found a run of three copper tubes dead-ended and open in the mid bilge (heading aft),one of which drips water at about a 3/4 gallon per hour rate into the bilge... ?  measured and designed a reach rod needed for the generator sea cock when I get some pieces to work with.

The biggest thing Tolly missed  is the door "knob" issue, door "knobs"are for houses, boats use "levers", wet hands cannot turn a knob, and even worse - these are British Knobs ! small, and VERY close to the facing,  unlike large American knobs that are a long way from the jamb (saving your knuckles, and actually useable by large male arthritic ham-hands). Me Fix !