Your two boat credo's, everything is slow.... and complicated ....  unlike living ashore (even in a Motorhome/Bus), no frantic allowed, no ease of anything, nothing simple and fast .

Years ago, we built two 97 foot steel boats for Nichiro Gyo Gyo in Sendai, when the crews came over for final outfitting, we realized how strict and land based our thinking in American maritime "is", leave it to the Japanese to open our (my) eyes as to unconventional wisdom.

That was a lesson well learned . . . and, I used the tutorial for many following years in my Dockside Services company, now, aboard So fea, these reapplications are sorely needed. Again and again, you find landlubber designed (for sales and the needed Housewife approval) items, that simply make you chuckle, an'ya is finding these moreso than I, and we both get a good laugh . . .

So fea was designed back in an era (the 70's) when only men designed houses, kitchens, appliances, etc.... they "thought" for women. by the late 90's women Engineers changed the designs to what was "really" needed and wanted. But, these earlier male "compromises" are quite evident aboard So fea . . . and, we are removing most of them and returning to "functional" rather than "but honey, I have one  at home" Luci/Desi justifications.

Today we modified the sofa back to being a double bed sized sofa and eliminated the french salon wrap around photogenic "ooh, how luxurious !" corner add on, took out the Captains Chair (the name alone speaks for that), and have taken the front v area for a workshop/storage/ utility room and galley pots/pans/overun area the head will be converted to mini washer/dryer, broom closet/ we can sleep four and possibly feed two (but we have a pantry coming), and are alot bigger now than two days ago.