"I" DAY - POST # 11

"INSPECTION" Day . . . if you were ever in the military, you remember "Inspection Day".

Having/Enduring a Real Estate Inspection (for a house sale) is not much different, yet, it is;  . . . when you were in the service of our country you had signed off on not being governed by the Bill of Rights or the US Constitution, so, you had no choice but to comply according to the USMC of J.

Not much changes with selling your home.... if you thought those days of being told how to dress, act, and live were over , the government inspired Real Estate "rules" (and those fancy car-driving/over-dressed pompous agents) re-create that atmosphere where you (once again) . . . have no choice but to be ashamed of your slovenly lifestyle, embarassed at your pathetic choices of decorating and level of achieved wealth, and then comply to their will.

The inspection process is identical, and conducted by those who would be above ever being "inspected" themselves due to their higher (than you) station, resultingly you are to be revealed and judged by their standard, so, shut up - stare at your shoes when they enter the room, and simply agree with their decisions.  or fail, after all you are not in their league of social class, education, wealth or other.

A chenille bedspread ? OMG ! what peasants

And "who" would paint their house pink ? commies I bet

They only drive a pickup truck !

And . . . they have animals "in" their house !

Really cheap-ass furniture, and a small TV

I see that they drink beer, yuk !

Lets watch them dance. . . tell them they have peeling paint (lead based), and their electrical system needs a new service box. oh...also that their sewer is clogged up and needs replacing. their roof "could" leak . . .  that will fix their sorry ass existance, how do people accomplish so little in life anyway ?

plus, we have (as accomplished/wealthy/educated) a need to set an example, and maintain "who" is in control of our society and world for these primitives by  'forcing' them to follow "our" protocol.