There is, (and has been) a search  on for affordable housing (world-wide), a large portion of the world's population has moved onto the water . . . many of this lot are third-fourth generation-historic boat/barge dwellers, others are "newbies", none-the-less all around the globe, the governments have the same response and action-plan for boat people.

For Centuries, onshore there have been nomadics, gypsys, and tribal peoples that were "free" of any encumberances/taxes/control or other form of government authority. In 2016 this has unfortunately been exploited by what we all call "street people" (hobo's, vagrants, bums, derelicts, whatever).

Before the 60's Hippie era, this class of citizenry never really existed anywhere but in Wino-alleys, and as boxcar jumpers on the road, here in the warmer West of the US we are now overwhelmed with "street people" . . . Eugene Oregon being a top location, where almost every corner has a panhandler/beggar.

Brazil, and India discard their lllegitimate babies to the street by the hundreds, America claims these  street people are all veterans with PTSD, druggies, alcoholics or mentally disordered people, and the total numbers are collectively staggering.

If you are educated, employed, family oriented, and somewhat wealthy (a bad term) then you are in the absolute majority of society. The blinders that the majority wears are so restrictive that they "miss" the reasoning of "why" all of these street  nomads exist. . . so, in their confusion they accommodate and help them on the one hand, but, on the other they persecute and bully them.