"START" OR "BEGINNING" ? - POST # 19 (26 SEP.)


The house buyer backed out ! the good ole' Oregon handshake deal is gone, dead, fini'e . . . not working anymore. We just wasted 30 very valuable good-sea conditions, and boat contract days ! My decades-old insight on Real Estate agents bore fruit again, rotten fruit, but fruit.

Had we not involved a real estate at all, but our attorney instead, this would be a done deal . . . unfortunately (as in the past) the realtor involved had other (insider) self-serving options for the buyer. (these of course are confidential client-reamer).

BUT . . .we are restarting the push , and, pulling out the stops, for a reorganizing effort, starting today. 50 days left to roust the money for the boat contract, and my idea mill is grinding away, now desperate for new money sources.