I can not talk about this . . . it's "Confidential"

The classification system of the US is a three-level plateau system, with "Confidential","Secret" and "Top Secret" grades of clearance, there are others below that . . .  "Sensitive", "Private", "FYI", "NTK" and "Personal" but, the criteria is not vetted or a security protocall, but more of a guide.

Like many things in man's social world, that ares created for a reason, some frequently are  abused and used in non-intended ways, let us even say "mis-applied". . . in business and military we use patents, and Faraday cages, black-rooms, scrambling devices, security cops, and even sequestering of personel to protect designs, R & D testing, and sometimes even production.

It is a big-business being a spy, and/or head hunting-away the key people, taking info/pictures, and stealing data. The methodologies are well thought out, and identical in all realms of Society (Medicine, Space, Military, Government, etc.) but, now I know they also exist in Real Estate !

Why just think about it . . . how cool it would be to attach such an important skill to your Real Estate license.  Maria Gueterrez, Broker (Secret Clearance) . . . being not a Government Agency the "Freedom of Information Act" cannot be applied here, and you can create your own Real Estate Espionage Act of 1917Atomic Energy Act of 1954 or even a Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982 level system, and police it like Homeland Security, FEMA or NCS, even CTU.

Think of the prestige, the one-upsmanship, the ego-boost you will get being an esteemed "Secret" Real Estate Agent, you can hide your lack of knowledge, experience or ability easily by simply uttering "I am sorry, I cannot comment-my Agent/Buyer representation details are "SECRET" ! (I cannot discuss it with you), then, you can drop back, and have the time to do whatever research, updating, or studying you need without revealing to the questioner your flummoxed  incompetence.

I used to work with a MIT engineer who repeatedly would say "I cannot discuss that" as if he was a secret agent, and only he was privy to know such things, in the field (the trenches) his lack of education, brain-power and resilience to respond roared at you (but, I can't tell you any more than that because you see, its "Confidential").

"Honey, did you fill up the car today?" . . . "Dear, I cannot allow you to know that, you see it is a Credit-card Confidential matter", "Billie, did you finish your homework?"  "Rover, did you crap in the neighbors yard?", "Can I get change for this twenty?", "Do you think that tire is low on air?", none of this is answerable you see, because we have mis-applied the "spirit" of secrecy and need-to-know . . . I sleep better at night knowing our nations' Real Estate transactions are secure from sharing and insight though, and I have a new disrespect for Sharia law, Port-a-potty servicers, corruption, child sex trafficking,  and real estate agents.