TRAPS - POST # 21 (28 SEP. )


All are opened with "MONEY" . . .  and you are freed.


It is another "ashore" pitfall, it ensnares you hopelessly like the guy tied down on the beach . . . in Gullivers' Travels, another reason to deal only with creatures of the sea rather than land lubbers.

This is another area of conditioned brainwashing we receive from birth, I alluded to this in an earlier post, you simply are victimized by a land-society environ and inbred set of rules and thinking that is millions ? of years old (that is, unless you believe the "Aquatic Ape Evolution" hominid theory).

The quandry is how to break free, you are surrounded by envious (trapped) whistleblowers who will always not  allow "you" to get out, if they can't, (not that they "would" even if given the chance . . . it is too bold and independent), they prefer to follow the herd, and traditions of their upbringing.

So, when you are well established, with excellent credit, and decide to sell your home BUT.... not buy another ...
   As lets say, moving to your RV or boat, your being well established and having excellent credit is now meaningless, you just lost both . . . by not having a brick and mortar dwelling, and by not staying in the herd or following the rules of traditional landlubbering.

I applied for a boat loan, and was denied due to the ratio of my retirement gross income vs. my outgo (the house payment was too high), so, I sold the house . . . put the substantial profits into my savings, and moved aboard the boat, then reapplied for the same loan (now, without the house payment in play), the loan was now denied because I could not supply a "permanent land based" address of residency, a "mobile" residence is unacceptable, a boat is not a "home or residence".

A mobile phone is OK though, but a PO box, or forwarding cruiser service is not "rooted" enough to be considered a residence, you must sleep in a house . . . tents, boats, rv's, cardboard boxes, under bridges, jail, or a friends house will simply not do, you "must" show proof that you pay for a conventional shelter, pay taxes, show a Electric bill, and have home (not boat or RV) insurance, (did you know voting, food stamps, and drivers Licenses and food banks all require the same ?).