PULLING OUT PLAN "B" - (# 14) 22 September, 2016

Long, narrow rocky river-no charts, navigating in the dark . . .

My Oakridge home buyer has a big city realty (Windermere) "friend-of-the-family" realtor, assisting them (covertly) in purchasing our sold "as-is" by owner country home.

I intentionally did not want any real estate involvement....(which is why I Craig listed it myself !)  over the years, I have been extensively/repeatedly exposed to these business varmits, and know well of their many devious, insider schemes, advantages and lies  . . .  making realtors/boat brokers/attorneys/politicians/religious nut cases and most recently . . . Doctors, all the enemy.

But, it "is" what it "is", now, everything is hush-hush (sort of like a Real estate HIPPA), they cannot/willnot talk to me, its classified info.

It looks like tomorrow the appraiser will be here 9AM, and that by Monday the 26th 5:PM both, the appraisal and the inspection reports must be in and on record. (credit and loan approval is already granted, and over with).

The next move by them will be to give us a Sales Addendum (or no addendum at all), which could include repairs or some sort of tricky price reduction scheme.  we think that very top secret info will be in-hand by the 29th or 30th.

Not knowing what to expect, and dealing with a 7 day after closing eviction notice (no place to sleep), or "possibly" a reduced final cash settlement on this house .... making me short of my boat money needs.

When this is all over, I will post all of my realty-rant pages now being witheld ....

I just pulled out plan "B" and activated my two old marine financing companies for possible help (in case I need it), it will take them most likely until Monday to either quit laughing, or grant me a "ready to use" boat loan... BUT...... going boat loan, "WILL" require a $2500 dollar "cash" haul-out and Survey !  (which is why we avoided loans) we have a Charleston (non-Portland big-city) surveyor lined up, and expect a $2500 dollar ordeal of survey/haul-out/bottom clean-paint-zincs/pressure wash/repair/refloat expense in Winchester Bay before taking the boat up to Florence.