VAN AND . . . - POST # 82 - (19 NOV)

Got the van back, $425.00, and, that included extras ! the estimate was for $450.00

The left right tie-rod ends were awful and an unknown, both worn to dangerous, the left one could be pulled apart with your hands ! the mechanic on a creeper pulled himself out from under and yanked the joint in 1/2 . . .the right was badly worn but not life threatening like the left side.

So, with the extra $44.00 in parts and the extra labor, the repair cost actually went down $100.00

And, we are alive to pay the bill. whew, scary !

The new projects for this week are, removing one of the two toilets on So fea . . .  makes no sense to have two toilets (heads) 22 feet apart on a 40 foot boat ?  also , removing the 12 gallon 120 volt hot water heater, the tank is paper thin.... going with a Bosch mini tank on-demand 7 gallon unit for the galley and shower.  cheaper, more efficient, and 21st century stuff. The $1,000.00 12 gallon unit had engine coolant heat exchanger capability for "at sea", but.... we have a 120 volt generator for "at sea".

And,  we are adding in the dock water connection to eliminate water tank use in port, now, we will have no reason to run a water pump and fill tanks once a week

There is a big electrical (120 volt) rewire and upgrade coming . . .  as we modernize and get ready for the AC/Heat pump install.  Weather here in mid 40's over night, and great !