Hot water heater installation-replumb start, tool sort, catch up day.  70 degree sun

Found / finding out virtually "everything" aboard is out of date, and that we were simply lied to about a lot of things... the haul-out and hull clean painting wasn't 6 months ago, but 6 YEARS ago, the fire extinguishers and halon suppression is 2006-2007 since last recharge/certification date, and much more aboard here makes no sense,,,,  so, it opens things up to require a thorough serious investigation and double checking for safety reasons, before heading over the water to Florence.

Some  (all) of the repair logic is dubious as well, missing valves, odd ball leaks, fried electrical connections, breakers not accurate, many circuits are un-fused and have no way to shut off , things just not right, crimped hoses, overboard valves seized and inoperable (due to not cycling them every-so-often), and now scarily requiring a haul-out to remove barnacles and examine sea chests.

Everything that we find was only a surprise because we trusted the seller to give us valid answers, and therefore, did not check things (each item) ourselves . . . our mistake.

The $ 1,200 dollar heat exchanger hot water heater had a leak, that went unattended for many years (so, it ate a hole in the tank), aft ground plates were under water so long they corroded creating a green "no ground" connection, and without shut off switches or valves,,, no way to close it down ! many circuits aboard had/have no fuses, and color codes for wires  ?

A 37 year old boat will have a lot of miscues, and, I am developing a "trend" to what I see . . . they add up to neglect, not knowing, and ignorance, very typical for a non-boat mentality owner, I was wrong, I gave him far more credit than I should have. It is now a circuit by circuit-system by system trace and review/fix, so, we will be here in Winchester . . . AWHILE !