6PM, two of them working here in the river, for about an hour and a half (just out of our view 1/4 mile away) we could see the lights and that they were 20 feet above the rive hovering, but we cannot find out "what" these emergencies are about.

The Coast Guard Helo's are based out of North Bend, so, it would not be routine for them to work this harbor in training. no vehicle all day or night as we await repair, super weather, but, the weather forecasters (all eight of them) are of no use-misleading-and dangerous to rely on . . . the cannot get wind, or rain anywhere close to reality . . . none of them, including the Coast Guard and Marine Weather channels that are a sailors lifeline.

Here on the coast we get waves of weather, rain/wind squalls-sunshine/blue skies, we walk up the dock to the van in the sun and get drowned in the rain coming back, we estimate 200 round trips so far to and from the van for unload/loading . . . it is ridiculous, removed the stove yesterday, and redesigned a new galley (ordered a new microwave to match the new induction cooktop and new Brevile broiler/oven..... reffer change out coming next (after vinyl laying),

Changed out all of the 115 volt lighting to 12 volt LED, spendy, but brighter-less amperage, and freeing up of 120 VAC resources for the galley use and heat pump driving (which will be the last project to upgrade to)... running three space heaters at 1500 watts each requires like 37 amps of 120 VAC (we only have 30 amps available), so the galley and heating/cooling must be prioritized.

As nice as lots of glass is for viewing, it leeches heat, and loads up heat by season, so, simply installing a pellet stove for winter does not help for summer A/C needs, a heat pump makes sense to do both..