Four dynamics going in . . . I am 73 with Arthritis and numb hands, we live on a boat and have no property (garage), I own every tool ever made. I have always done my own auto/boat repair work, it's "what" I do.

It is rainy Oregon coast 45 degree November weather, although I have the knowledge, my hands no longer work, so, I am forced to have the steering rack, sway bar bushings, idler-tensioner bearing, belt, and power steering pump changed out by a local garage !!! a $500.00 labor charge, (using "my" parts).

Pretty humiliating, and a "all new" experience for me. I even have to pay for pickup/delivery to/from the harbor. Now, even oil changes are now going to be Oil Can Harry's job, since I have no shop. (Now, if I could only drive aboard !. . . or owned my own dock and boathouse, or "rented" a shop . . . ).

Boat repairs are not a problem, everything is here saw, vise, grinder, hand tools, power tools, lubricants, and all the devices of repair/building/etc; but for the vehicle you need a dry, heated, lighted wind proof shop space  "and" your tools, "and" either a backup vehicle or a walk-to parts store.