Yesterday we planned for Turkey day by doing a big shopping, doing the laundry, emptying the van @ the warehouse, picking up our "pile" at the mail box, and getting the oil changed in the van, at 5PM the sun went away, and the skies opened up soaking us as we made the trips from the van to the boat... nice !!  that rain never quit, and is still happening tonight at 9PM with its friend, the 45 MPH wind as a treat.

we heaved and yawed rolled and banged all last night and today. BAAD arthritis day up at 0330 ...ugly.

Got the bed finally rebuilt and widened, worked all day non stop on researching mini-split heat pumps, and RV heat Pumps and Marine units (thinking Black Friday may have a sale to use....), found a leak by the rear hatch,,,,, pumped bilges and had a lamb rack of New Zealand ribs for t-day !  never left the boat all day.