All began to fall apart today (from yesterdays Oakridge events), the Yugo got picked up, but the engine pallet did not (same hauler), the real estate took the buyer through who decided she wanted none of the stuff she earlier (and now wants it all removed), the termite/dry rot inspection got done and an eave board needs replacing (so far-no formal report is in hand yet), the guy who bought the Yugo in Michigan has 79 of my emails since the 11th, and is now not responding about the engine not being picked up.

The escrow "was" to close this week, but has now been put off to next week.

I want "to be fre" of Oakridge !

We are two tupperware tubs away from having it all aboard, but, a serious ongoing sort-down is in effect as well, so, we are a long way from done . . . and I have some more things to build in for storage, and lotsa' office overbloat to rid us of.