It looks like, other than the final tool sorting, and further shop stuff reduction.... it is all aboard ! the last stuff for the boat was removed today, so, it's all here . . .

It is a full-house ! er, full boat ! now for the tools.... all of the move-in process has taken away time from the renovation and familiarity time, so, now, we have to catch up on finishing vinyl, thea bed extension, changing out the reefer, and some newer LED lighting, ripping out a head, installing the mini split AC/heat pimp, and finishing the fore peak storage/1/4 shop area.

Then.... we can learn more about the boat and its systems, fuel up, and get ready for a Florence run.... another three weeks or so ?

Winding down the house sale that will not go away . . . the last "potential" obstacle was the Dry rot/termite inspection that "I"  have to pay for.   It came back with $600.00 worth of work needed to pass muster !  the electric cost $2,800.00, the appraisal came in $10,000.00 low, and it just will not end, the $7,200.00 profit just went down to $6,600.00 and barely pays for my materials invested over the past three years . . .  my labor was all free !.

Awakened this morning before sunrise to a noise so loud it was vibrating the hull, searched and found it was/is the Umpqua harbor entrance jetty, so loud we had to drive over there  to see the gawd awful white churning 25 foot mess they call a entrance . .  no wonder this  is considered the #2 worst most dangerous, most lives lost, and ships sunk harbor entry on the West coast of North America !!

I am "not" excited about taking So...fea out of here through that !!!