Be careful of what you wish for.

We currently have six projects in process at once ! a pretty awful scenario of money, time and impatience to be done, the overlapping of one into another is like nothing ever experienced in home remodeling, or working on the car.

Everything we get into has to pass a number of qualifying questions, is it a 1979 standard or design item ? should it be fixed, replaced with the same thing or be upgraded to 2017 "new" technology ? (which always requires chopping, hacking, more money, and lotsa' time). . . get six of these going at once and you evaluate electric, plumbing, visuals, and  retrofit-redesign.

Safety and sea worthiest dictate the repair mode, and, I have learned to not take "anything" for granted here . . . home-grown patch-repairs are hidden everywhere, so, the time investment gets nutz' for even the simplest system check, obsolete componants are becoming a "biggie", and, lack of use follows it for complicating things.  many componants here are from the 1980's, and have been obsolete for 20 + years parts-wise.