Since the fall of 2015 there has been no available Dungeness crab. . . either available or affordable, I think we did splurge once all year, but now here in the crab harbor it is not cheap (6.99) pound, but, it is available , so, tonight we feast !

Hung the new blue aluminum venetian blinds and destroyed the Moldy-mildew stinking original 1979 curtains that were never washed, dry cleaned or even wiped off .... yuk ! (But the carpet and pad were still the absolute ghetto drug-den worst !

Bonnie has figured out the green mat (astro turf), she headed straight for it this AM, and this afternoon she went looking for it after I moved it.... so, tonight I put it on the fantail.... we'll see what she does.    She now owns this 250 foot rotten wooden dock, and will not go anywhere but there, and she has marked it super well and often !  in the pouring rain/wind and cold, or this summer with all the tourists, she will "have" to go onboard, rather than on the dock or lawn area....  we will rename the fantail the poop deck... a nautical misnomer: the poop deck was the aft-most and highest deck on a rigged sailing ship, usually where the steering was and that area was the "roof" of the captains officers quarters as well ( poup is french for rear, and the brits accepted the term).

65 degree sunny day, one of those work-inside when you should be outside days . . . more electrical !