43 DEGREES ! - POST # 88 - (27 NOV)

Coldest day here on the coast so far . . . rained heavily and blew us around all day long and going to do so for another 48 hours. We are learning about these squalls and the periods of "no rain",,,,,,, when you do the fire hall scramble, grab your rain gear, head out on deck or up the dock to do whatever needs doing, (loading, unloading, dog walking, working outside, or going coming to the van).

Sometimes you make it and stay dry before the next squall, but, sometimes you don't . . . which is why you always take your rain gear - even when the sun is shining.

Did floor prep, fixed a computer, and designed, measured and built a parts list for the dock water and hot water system hook up figured out and listed, found out about our badly outdated (now obsolete !) Halon and fire extinguisher status.... dumped garbage, emptied the fan tail, and ordered and carried out a dinner !

Still no TV or WiFi, (been a month now), so, am resurrecting the Whazammo cantenna I built, and ordered a part to mast mount it for some constant/reliable WiFi reception. Looking  at becoming my own WiFi source just to end all of all this dependency.