Well...back to winter,  it started raining again, blustery, low 40's, dark, and cold.
This AM was a 1/2 and 1/2 sky with almost balmy 45 degrees, they changes the forcast to less rain, but there is still a FREEZE ALERT, we have some prep work to do as "get-ready" tomorrow and Sunday for the three-night arctic blast.

Back in the 28 January 2019 Deck Log we spoke about the rigors of living aboard in cold climates . . . .  now...  that scenario is upon us "here" beginning Sunday evening and lasting through Monday and Tuesday with overnight 25-degree temperatures! (3 days of cold-soak).

Although this upcoming 2018/19 weather is a  quick "spike",  and unusual this far South, we will survive,  live-aboards further up North spend four months a year stuck in this ugly.

Very few boaters have ever seen a pellet or wood stove aboard a boat, ever insulated their hull, wrapped their boat in shrink-wrap plastic, or heated their engine room . . . .  added pipe wrap or heat tape to their dock water hose, used a bubbler around their hull, or had the daily ritual of pipe hammering ice off of lines and deck cables and shoveling the decks for weight removal.

Northern boat dwellers seal themselves off from the wind and snow, into a sort of cocoon and force the occupants to almost hibernate. It is far easier to cruise and navigate in the cold and ice than to sit still at anchorage or dock.

We will post some images here if we get snow, So...fea has no curtains or glass covers at all (we trashed them in favor of a view), so we lose heat rapidly in the wind, check out the "SNOW-FEA" blog from 4 January 2017 at Winchester Bay, Umpqua . . . over there in "History".