“Secrets of A Frozen Ocean” 75 year old, Yngve Kristoffersen, a Norwegian Scientist just won the Best Documentary at the New York City International Film Festival  ,  I posted a page about him on here  earlier (see  28 February).

Spring has sprung ! The puffins arrived yesterday in force... they are peculiar, 50 birds, floating,  then when one dives-they "all" dive ! they did this all or nothing routine all day long.  the buffle heads are back as well, we learned last year that they arrive around the end of February,  two paired seals swam through (another spring omen), so, I am prepping crab pots and working on deck.

Trying real hard to get our first (return of Whazammo radio) podcast up and out there for our one year Anniversary (15 April) of being home ported here in Florence... dunno, we will see.

Full sun, 63 degree no crabbers on the dock weather, really enjoyed yesterday ! today is supposed to be warmer !

Note;  the dock courtesy light on the console (activated last week) began this flickering on Friday night, Sunday morning we awoke to no L1 power (meaning our reefer, main Salon heater, and freezer were off ! unplugged So...fea from the console, and found the L1  source dead !  Also noticed the breaker next to mine on the dock console is unseated and loose (not held in by the panel) .... jiggleing around, I heard a "SNAP" , and L1 became hot again.

Got the dockmaster advised.

Last night 0230 same L1 drop, same repair.  advised and updated  the dock walker this AM, and think they will address it.same snap,

Found some old photos from the 1980's of our earlier boat MV Tactician, Curacao/Ft. Meyers.
There were three of these tuna boats built  at Bayou la Batre, I think this was a sister ship of the three, or, an earlier mast rig version,  but 55 x 17 x 5, steel triple chine, Cummins, when tuna died they added a salon over the old fish deck area (after removing the seine block, boom rigging, brine and holding tanks), I think one was converted to shrimping.