We are into full Spring, 60 degree days and our North wind is back (our all-summer North wind),  38-40 degrees at night, remember tonight is supposed to be a "blue" full moon....

A new study published in Nature magazine suggests that our Great Pacific Garbage Patch we keep reporting on here, is growing “exponentially” and now spans roughly 617,763 square miles (1.6 million square km), or about three times the size of France.

The garbage patch is an accumulation of plastic and floating debris brought together by a gyre, the circular current, in the Pacific between California and Hawaii. It is thought to be the largest ocean garbage patch on earth. 

According to the new study, the trash is made up of 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic weighing nearly 90,000 tons. This new estimate is between four and sixteen times greater than had previously been predicted.

One aspect of the study that appears to have drawn less attention than the size and the extent of the patch is what it is made of. The study determined that at least 46% of the floating debris are fishing nets and related cordage.

 These “ghost nets” are a major threat to fish populations around the world and pose an entirely different set of challenges in any potential cleanup.

Old Salt Blog reports that:  (These are live hyperlinks)
"The problem of ghost nets may be significantly larger than even the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The conservation group World Animal Protection estimates that around 640,000 tonnes of so-called ‘ghost gear’ is left in oceans each year. This ghost gear continues to catch and kill fish and animals as large as whales. The International Whaling Commission estimates that 308,000 whales and dolphins die annually due to entanglement in fishing gear, and more still in marine debris"

Over on our whazammo.com website Sea pages we have been talking all of these same points, and posting them here, in a few weeks we will be reopening whazammo radio as the "PORTHOLE PODCASTS" radio show, and again will be discussing all of these ocean-harbor-our planet issues (along with Veterans and life-in-the-hatbor stuff).