RAIN-rain-rain, wind-rain-more wind- more rain 32 degree nights and rain, 45 degree days and rain, no sun-but rain.

                 Vladimir Putin claims he has developed a new nuclear weapon. . .  The new design of an intercontinental cruise missile is considered to be "Invincible",  it is called the "Doomsday Torpedo" designed to create a 1/4 mile contamination of coastline with radiation, making the area unlivable for up to a century.

The new weapon, is called Status-6 or Kanyon by the CIA,  and is an unmanned nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed underwater torpedo with 100 mega tons worth of power. It has a a top speed of 75 MPH, and a range of 5,500 miles Note; the distance from Vladivostok to Florence is 7,800  miles ! the Russian Oscar Class submarines are  carrying up to four of these torpedoes.

The Status-6 was shown on a TV program showing images of President Putin visiting his naval commanders in Sochi, last month, the Pentagon suggested that it is taking the development of the weapon seriously.  

Some doubt the story line, while others claim that it is already tested, proven and ready to go, and admit the US Navy has absolutely no answer for an antidote or counter measure.