Casa Bacardi is like batmans cave, and sort of like a trip to Olympia Brewery, and sort of like the day after New Years Eve, and, like Royal navy rum rations, and,

Ocean-aged spirits . . .  In the age of sailing ships, wine would often spoil on long voyages. Distilled liquors, however, were often improved by the motion of the ship, as well as from the changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature.   

The phrase, “sucking the monkey” was Royal Navy slang for drinking rum from a coconut through a reed (the three dots on the coconut resembled a monkey’s face), or, the stealth-drinking of the ship’s rum through a reed forced through a small hole in the rum cask.

Back in my Navy days aboard the carrier we used to make hidden away "locker booze" from coconuts by drilling a straw sized hole and adding raisens and sugar (then plugging it) to ferment with the milk...illegal, forbidden, and wow !

In the Caribbean locals make bush rum, Jack crow, or hammond, around JB white rum taste-alikes....180 proof all of them ! Yanks and Anglos have no idea !! I have some recipes.