3 February, 2018 - SHIPS LOG

WEATHER: still 50 degrees, overcast with mostly all sun, zero rain, balmy, mix of fog
sessions and blah 47 degrees every night for a low ! 
 five days predicted of full sun next week
WIND: 0 - 2
SEAS: calm flat
SCUTTLEBUTT: no rain making this weather scary.
EVENTS: The 20 year-old whazammo.com  website (and perhaps the bi-weekly Whazammo Podcast radio station as well) is being reconstructedand will be taking over many
sea and boat related issues that this blog  is
 inappropriate for, (just as it was
 "before" So...fea came into the picture), watch
for it in late February.


With the new-found knowledge about security cameras and "where" they
are, again brought to mind my earlier (12 November)  "go-nowhere" two
 night time-stamped complaint that was in full view and range of the ramp
 mounted  camera.
That nights screaming would have certainly triggered the cameras by sound and
by after-dark motion, the lighted  dock area would make for easy viewing
with a fully unobstructed night vision camera 150 feet away - - especially
 as the people had to  enter and leave 15 feet away from  the camera in
 full view at the ramp.


Saturday night (tonight), was the second night in a row when 10 young
men noisely come down the ICM ramp shrieking at 2345, strip off their
 clothes and skinny dip off A-dock across from the SW corner of
Novellis (make that LOUDLY skinny dip) they use the dock power
console light to undress, stand around naked awhile, shrieking, then
redress,  tonight,  they inspected Novelli's overhead door, padlock and
 windows with a flash light, continued yelling loudly then dispersed
 back up the same ramp at exactly 2355 and head West into town afoot.

Both nights I was phone in-hand just as they decided to leave, too
 many rowdies to confront or hit with flood lights and siren (and
reveal my presence), their short stay precludes calling 911, three
 in a row ?  we will see tomorrow