6 - 7- 8 February, 2018 - SHIPS DECK LOG

WEATHER: still 42 low-52 degrees for a high round the clock, some clouds with
 mostly all sun, zero rain, balmy, mix of evening fog next ten days are  days
 predicted of full sun and same temperatures
WIND: 0 - 2
SEAS: calm flat
SCUTTLEBUTT: no rain is making this weather (and our climate) very scary there is no let-up in sight, 10 more days predicted... I am calling it Spring.

EVENTS:  63 degrees today.....!!

NOTES:  Not much happening, working on websites, enjoying the unbelievable Spring weather, saw the first Daffodills in bloom !! at St. Vinnys, wired in Steve Starnes (Frank F) new monster 50 foot boat trailer plug for him (favor), the last POS public meeting was Wednesday night, the pressure washing of the old dock area is behind the oceansrising today, I doubt they will do the new dock area.
Had another big argument altercation on the dock last night behind our boat, a fifteen minute ordeal that lit up the security lights.