After all the talk, I am Officially renaming the A-Dock extension . . . PARIAH DOCK (we are that bad !)

Been playing around for a month with this simplified Deck Log page layout and format idea  . . .  and not liking it, so I am jettisoning it overboard.

Back to the regular blog format !  

The work on the website returns is moving, but slowly moving, most of my time is selfishly going into the whazammo.com site (to learn the new system), after 20 years of coding in html variants, I am having to unlearn and retrain myself to work in a WYSIWYG web editor . . it is totally stupid that "no" code is harder to work with than full code, but that is where I am.

I am putting a So...fea section into the website and will start to diminish a lot of the"story" type stuff here in favor of the website, but it will be into March before I make the change.

Got some disappointing scuttlebutt in about last nights Port District "Open to the Public" meeting, 


Onto the weather, which is far more important than things we can manage...the weather we can't !  this is nutz !  warm warm warm... no rain.

Bought the stainless steel tubing for the boat deck surround rail (when the skiff gets gone), that will also be the aft Bimini cabin support  as well.