WEATHER: still 50 degrees, overcast with mostly all sun, zero rain, balmy, mix of fog
sessions and foggy 47 degrees every night for a low ! 
 five days predicted of full sun 

next week
WIND: 0 - 2
SEAS: calm flat
SCUTTLEBUTT: no rain is making this weather (and our climate) scary.
EVENTS: MUCH going on . . .  watch for more on the plastics issue, at the 20 year-old whazammo.com  website (and perhaps the bi-weekly Whazammo Podcast radio station as well) which are both now being reconstructedand will be taking over many white paper, critique,
sea and boat related issues that this blog  is inappropriate for,

 (just as it was  "before" So...fea came into the picture two years 
ago), watch for it in late February.

Check back on my guessing about the new Port manager appointment,
and the application of the "JOB ONE" four "S" harbor
mentality (Safety, Security, Sanitation, Superintendence), and the 
spy camera audio recordings issue.


Heading into a long Super Bowl Sunday . . . and far away from any football, for a luncheon today, a dock discussion yesterday brought back the plastic issue, while the problem of trash and plastic in our waters gets worse, some technologies are beginning to respond. Products like the Seabin, a high tech floating bucket designed to collect floating trash in marinas, to  RanMarine‘s Waste Shark, a  “trash-eating, data-collecting, carbon-zero and safe drone-on-the-water.” 

And the Bluebird Marine Systems (Sussex, England, UK) SeaVax, a 144′ long solar-and wind-powered barge that can suck up, shred and compact plastic and other flotsam-jetsam waste that is 18 months old now.

As a fisherman or fish eater, this is mandatory viewing .... we demand that you watch the two plastic-issue full length 90 minute movies of "A Plastic Ocean" (amazon and youtube) and "Planet Ocean" (youtube)....