1 - 2 FEBRUARY, 2018 - SHIPS LOG

WEATHER: still 50 degrees, overcast with mostly all sun, zero rain, balmy, day ended in sea mist but warm
SEAS: calm
SCUTTLEBUTT: see below
EVENTS: see below
NOTES: got some serious email comments in last night (the 31st) about the Harbors security cameras . . . they ramped up all day long... and overnight the 1st to total around 50, so I wrote up the following;

There is much more developing on this Port of Siuslaw Harbor story, but, it is best discussed
after turning your EMP white noise scrambler-jammer on . . . just a “heads up” from the
blogsite comment page last night 31 January, 2018, but, we thought that YOU should be
aware as well.

The general 21st Century rule is that people in public places must always assume they might
be photographed or video recorded by CCTV, Big Brother, employers, etc; and we see warning
signage posted in many places every day, BUT, “audio” recorded (monitored)?
FYI, the three security cameras mounted on the east-facing side of the ICM wharf ... (one at
the corner of the transit-”A” dock intersect facing Otter, and two on the ramp phone pole---one
facing East down Amber Novelli’s dock, the other facing South down “A” dock) have audio
microphones!, their specs boast a 60-75 foot (normal talking dB) pickup range;there are many
other cameras elsewhere in the system as well.

Day or night, 24/7 anyone who ever sat at tables under an umbrella to eat along the ICM wharf
rail, or planned their families day standing in front of the ICM dumpsters, paused at the
“A”-dock/transit dock corner to talk, stood between the Frank F. and Otter, sat aboard
Oceansrising’s stern deck, carried on a conversation outside someone’s boat, or walked down
the “A” dock ramp area to/from Amber Novelli’s, were being potentially eavesdropped on
, listened to, and recorded without their knowledge or permission.

Federal law: Under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), 18 U.S.C.A. § 2510, it is
illegal to listen to, monitor or record audio conversations without the consent of the parties
involved. Since Federal wiretap law makes it illegal to record oral communication,  most security
cameras usually lack audio as it would put them in the surveillance category.

Oregon Law: ORS (Or.Rev.Stat. Ann. § 165.540) It is illegal for a third party to intercept,
attempt to intercept, or get any other person to intercept, any wire or oral communication
without the consent of any parties to the conversation. Unless one is a party to the
conversation or has received consent from one of the parties, it is illegal to obtain any part
of a telecommunication or a radio communication, the courts have also ruled that one cannot
use a device to record a conversation unless all parties of the conversation are informed.
And, (Or. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 165.535)

However, It is not  unlawful  for an individual who is a party to, and  has consent  from, a party
in an electronic communication to record or disclose the contents of said  communication. But,
remembering It is unlawful  to  record an in-person  communication without the consent of all
 parties involved.

Opinion is, there is a distinct difference between “Security” and “Surveillance” (Spying), and
that the privacy and unauthorized (unknown and un-permissioned) use of audio recordings
(void of any signage or warnings) has violated many hundreds (possibly thousands) of harbor
visitors, tourists, tenants, business customers and the general public’s rights of privacy, as
protected per Federal and Oregon Law statutes.

Of course, on exposure it will follow that the ORS key word is “recording”, and of course, the
“sound pickup” (like motion) is only used as a camera-on trigger, and no one ever “listened”,
“recorded” or "shared" any audio (now debunked).

    According to Federal Law opinion, illegal listening to personal-private conversations
can/does influence thinking, actions and responses by the devices owner or management team
who cannot (consciously or subconsciously) “unhear” or remove the audio input knowledge
from prejudicing any future decision-makings or opinions.

Awareness and input of this began late last night, 31 January, 2018, but already has one web
comment just been received about whether or not ICM is aware of the listening device and the
ongoing violation their customers are being exposed to, while another commentor is reviewing
a public class action potential.