Thanks for the concerns, the M/V So...fea blog has been down since the 19th for culling offensive content, after your emails, I am putting it back up with an apology to all of our subscribers for being down so long, all is well, and, henceforth all (most) Port politics will be only posted  over on the whazammo.com site rather than here. Calling myself a pariah is also verbotten, so,no more Pariah Dock talk either . . . it is just too hurtful and disparaging, it makes people cry.

I WAS ASKED TO  REMOVE THIS BLOGSITE'S HURTFUL AND NEGATIVE POSTINGS ABOUT THE HARBOR. (so much for 1st amendment rights in Oregon). BUT . . . NEVER ONE TO MAKE CHILDREN CRY (that's a lie), I have removed all these "offensive" things from the pages here on M/V So...fea.com (to shield the public from any of my lies, opinions, concerns, observations, suggestions, feelings (or even the reason for having a blog) . . .  a promise is a promise, I have  done what I promised.   Florence, your children and women are safe now.

We are into two days of rain-squalls, and 32 degree windy nights, overcast 40 degree days, and finally ---winter.

Took down an'ya's 15 framed public art display and closed out her "Artist-of-the-Month" presentation, she did sell some work, so, even in winter darkness poetry works, she has just collaborated with a classical philharmonic composer and an opera soprano to build a video copy of the presentation (the tanka words are below the video area), and her website is coming along (at about 50% today), her next exposure will be announced when details are finalized. 

75 year old, Yngve Kristoffersen, a Norwegian Scientist, set out on a dangerous 13 month expedition in a small hovercraft together with Audun Tholfsen to the most  remote areas of the Arctic. It was his last chance to fulfill his lifelong dream and prove a theory based on data collected by Dr. John K. Hall on the US Ice Station T3 in the late 1960’s about an asteroid hitting the Arctic Ocean millions of years ago. 

Along the way they encountered extreme weather, hungry Polar Bears, and mechanical difficulties (surprise-surprise !) Their documentary "North into the Mist" is a mix of  science and adventure, take a look and enjoy.