WEATHER:  daytime overcast, some intermittent showers, 40-42 degrees light sea mist, very warm all friday night long...
15-30 mph southwest hard gusts, 2AM on... blowing us away from the dock, but acting like Poseidon rollers ! 
SEAS:  zany chop, 22 footers in the jetty, 2 footers in turning basin, light chop in harbor

SCUTTLEBUTT:  Our new (yet to be announced) Port Manager, Dina will be gone for the next 9 days to Hawaii,  but, back in time for her February swear-in. 
EVENTS:  nothing ! We are simply loving being aboard in the storm, warm, dry, and quiet...although sitting rather than moving about.
NOTES: Chlorophyta is  the algae is that grows green on boats and flourishes on the North side (our Port side and away from the sun) in January ... it must be blooming.  it leads to actual sea moss, that closes off scuppers, and invades portlight seals (expanding them to create a leak), and embeds into any crevice available especially un-sealed wood grains, (making sure the spores return again and again to pester you).  This is different than that black fiberglass "mildew", and everyone here in the Northwest fights it wood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, and ferro boats inclusive. 

Among the oldest of all organisms, this green algae appeared more than 2 billion years ago and are believed to be the closest relatives of our green land plants (perhaps even the origin). The Chlorophytes are the most diverse and widespread of the algae types with approximately 7,000 different species, ranging from seaweeds to microspores. They survive in either fresh or salt water, and cold does not impact their life cycle. they mostly ALL live "in" the water, making water appear green.  Some live ashore (like on So...fea !)

We are there !  the spores fly on the wind and coat everything, glass, air intakes, the air you breathe, your clothes, shoes, pets, decks, upholstery, sails, railings deck equipment, the docks, lines, EVERYTHING ! This is one of the reasons leaving a boat unheated, tied to the dock and unoccupied is so devastating and destroying ... making that boat smell never go away-ever !