20-21-21 January, 2018 - SHIPS LOG

WEATHER:  overnight hard in-out rain squalls, daytime overcast, some showers, 45 degrees, sun in-out
10-12 mph south
SEAS: flat to mild chop
SCUTTLEBUTT: The NOAA Gale and high wind warning for yesterday (all day) was FAKE WEATHER REPORTING

EVENTS: an'ya will be the February "featured Artist" at the Old Town Coffee Shop, with some 15 displayed hangings and lots of unframed prints for sale.

When the UK boat M/V Content was in last summer (see July 2017), we had a long
seatalk about the Caribe & Antilles, and recalled the invasions of common on board
species encountered in harbors there, many of which were discovered weeks later
out at sea. . .
Spiders love water, hand sized banana spiders, and deck lockers full of all types,
snakes dropping from trees, coming up dock lines and swimming aboard, monkeys
crapping, stealing, pilfering, frogs of great numbers and varieties, the yellow ones
are poisonous, a great variety of lizards (even gliders) of all types and sizes, Palm
rats, and coconut squirrels, Palmetto bugs and Cockroaches flying in, mice and
bats, Pelican infestations (almost worse than gulls), Parrot flocks,  waking up to
being totally encased in a tent caterpillar web, sucker fish taking over your entire
bottom, firefly-lightning bugs of many types, the ever present mosquito,
sand fleas, ticks, mites and gadfly, termites, even on-dock wild boar keeping you
aboard, and here in Oregon … only Seagulls.