WEATHER: 45 degree, overcast , intermittent light rains, 1/2 hour of sun
WIND: 5-8 MPH South
SEAS: light chop, to ripples, overnight was a roller
EVENTS: nothing
SCUTTLEBUTT: nothing, actually boring ain't it ?

NOTES:  A harbor boat skipper over on "B" dock named Sea Spirit is so worried about sinking at thbe dock (or possibly sinking in a seaway) that he has pre-installed a industrial orange "Danger cone" atop his mast, the thinking being that when she settles to the bottom, the cone will still be visible in even 30 foot of water, and not be a navigation hazard to passing vessels, plus, be easy to find.  great seamanship ! (maybe it has a float inside and 200 foot of line to act as a float-off buoy ?)