25 - 26 JANUARY 2018 - SHIPS LOG

WEATHER:  constant overnight hard rain squalls, daytime overcast, some showers, 40-42 degrees gloomy and nasty damp
10-12 mph south,  night time 30 mph S gusts
SEAS: flat to mild chop, white caps at night, sameo sameo
SCUTTLEBUTT:  Our new (yet to be announced) Port Manager, Dina will be gone for the next 9 days to Hawaii,  but, back in time for her February swear-in.

EVENTS: Steve over on the Frank F got two too many logs in front of his boat, got yelled at by the Harbor Master !
NOTES: Ran up the 101 coast at low tide to Bobs Creek for some tide pooling (in the rain), was not very impressed, narrow beach area, all round rocks, no agates (as advertised), and just not a place we would ever go back to.

 Stopped by the Heceta Head Lighthouse turn off, (13 miles from the boat) and really loved it (want to move there !), super best of everything (and we never got to the lighthouse), great rocks, a wide fast shallow river to the sea, a magnificent under-bridge place with a super big sand beach, restrooms, two picnic areas, a foot bridge-trails, a lazy river portion, and sea stacks, monster wave action simply VERY impressed... got Bonnie on the beach, she loved it hates the water though.

Came back, got both websites up on the web (barely and just roughed in) and transferred around...now to start building them !! need to unload five hard drives into two and be done with it !