6-7 JANUARY 2018 - M/V So...fea DECK LOG

WEATHER: WOW ! 58 degrees, full sun, night fog; the 7th is grey, light wind 50 degree
WIND: "0"
SEAS: Flat, shiny/oily looking, 7th light chop
EVENTS:  (6th) Did final grooming of the light install removal, cleaned drains, limber holes and removed all ties, swept down, stowed PVC pies and generally got past the lights for good....
Bonnie was very antsy all day yesterday doing goofy stuff like never before, barking, poking, constantly wanting to go out on deck, then refusing to come back in, it was like a severe case of boat-cabin fever (remember, she has not been off the boat for six full months !), so, today, we hooked her up and got her ashore ! for 1/2 hour on the dock, for some odd reason she actually wanted to go off the boat !.

(7th) Eastern Orthodox Christmas ! we looked at the posted Job Description for the POS Port Manager position...no mention of anything marine or nautical, they want someone from the "Public Sector", not the Maritime sector, and no requirement for IAPM credentials or certification, or any marine experience required. unbelievable. I offered to share the certified version of the International Port Manager Job description but, was refused, they wrote their own, after reading it, we already sorta' know what's going on, and who the next PM will be.

NOTES: Upcoming - Wednesday the 9th, POS Public Meeting re: public input... we are not going - the end-decisions are already pre-determined, so it is a waste of time to "pretend" . . . we gave Dina our concerns in an email after "last month's meeting", (and, I am sure the six items will be relayed on to this Wednesday's council members.)

SCUTTLEBUTT: Not much, Dave and Michelle seem very determined to pull out of the Harbor and go live on the Island upriver that they are buying.... we will see.